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Light: the never ending desire
Try the other window
Where to go?
The Touchable Light
Don't expect me to make you look...
Only a mirror can break your heart
Beauty, not for dummies
Let the light comes in
Composition n° 26
A small piece of the world
I'm afraid to go inside
The other side of the curtain is...
Stairway to heaven
I'm waiting for your answer
The world has changed, since we last met
On the other side of the curtain, there are flowers, I think
Berlin Affair

Beautiful Borders
 boundaries are presented metaphorically. 
They are also physical limitations such as curtains, doors, walls, windows and sometimes they have a strange beauty. It is the deceptive beauty that makes you focus on the boundary and while you do see the relative of such beauty.
Frank Verreyken

This work is about boundary, limitation, impossibility. The beauty of that kind of "borders" is superficially

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