While going down
I remember
We can make everything beautiful
Your home: about living n°2
Your home: about living n°3
The problem of social housing
Lost People
A different color, a different shape, a different era
Once Upon A Time
A man who carries his dreams and memories
A man holds his dreams high above his head
Elegance and Architecture I
Elegance and Architecture II
Elegance and Architecture III
Elegance and Architecture IV
Elegance and Architecture V
The Shape reminded me of Beauty
We were all so happy
Portrait of an old Lady
Building with Lamp
Light from Heaven
Light + Light = Light
I have colored my memories
It looks more like a house now...
How pleasant is all this!
I remember a blue sky
I am the Stairs
Wir haben kein Lust mehr
We Are All Looking at the Sea
Ich bin kein Augenarzt

Current Work

Portrait of an old Lady

An outdated cultural center in Portugal