Intimacy, because I want it that way
Abstract Nature
Emotions (not) explained
Spectacular Forms? 1
They were sitting there as if time didn't exist anymore - timeless and eternal
Dreaming about Düsseldorf
I try but it is not easy to remember
Construction of a deconstruction
Absurd Landscape
The Altar
Unfinished cities with the official stamp
Would you?
The Fragile Ocean
Without Clouds
While going down
We can make everything beautiful
Your home: about living n°2
The problem of social housing
A different color, a different shape, a different era
A man who carries his dreams and memories
Elegance and Architecture I
Elegance and Architecture II
The Shape reminded me of Beauty
Portrait of an old Lady
How pleasant is all this!
I remember a blue sky
I am the Stairs
Wir haben kein Lust mehr
We Are All Looking at the Sea
Ich bin kein Augenarzt
Intimate Landscape 1

Current Work

Dreaming about Düsseldorf